Monday, June 13, 2005

What a week.

I have had a busy, painful, and in some ways downright strange past week. First off last Tuesday I had a run in with the company I bought my place from. Even though I put my deed to my land and a thousand dollars up as a down payment in mid March, bought a years worth of homeowners insurance on it April first anf closed the deal that day as well, and not only have made my first payment, but am going to have to make my second payment this week I am still not in my place. I didn't think there could be that many things wrong with a home. It came down to threatening legal action on Tuesday if something was not done soon. Tomorrow they are supposed to finish everything except the driveway and airconditioning hook up.

Next I had hernia surgery on Wednesday. I still hurt. They made a 2 inch and a 6 inch cut on me since I had 2 hernias. I was given vicodin for pain. I hate the way those make me feel. For anyone who has had surgery like that I know what you went through. I also know it really sucks.

Later on it the week my car decided to mess up on me. Not that I am allowed to drive yet, but when it messed up my sister was driving. I had someone over to fix it today. Hopefully it will be 100% fixed tomorrow. That air conditioning is necessary in this hot weather. Especially since it is a black car and has leather seats.

My town was also under a tornado warning for about an hour yesterday evening because of the remnants of tropical storm Arlene. Those people from the south should keep their crappy weather since we have enough of it already in Indiana. It ruined the cookout that some friends and family had planned for us. Ohh well, we were able to have it tonight.

I guess this is enough for right now, so I will get going. I hope to get to posting here a bit more regularly. Goodnight all. Have a blessed night or day wherever you are.

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