Sunday, January 02, 2005

Darn!!! Darn!!!!!!!! Ohh boy.......

........... I have not posted here in a while again. I do like this set up better than my old blog, but I have not had time here lately. First I was not able to get home because of the snow, then my sister wanted me to watch her house while she went away for Christmas (though late), and since I have had to work anyways I said okay, then I have been working too much. I even had to work on all of the holidays, but I will finally be off on Monday. Lovely, just one day off.
The next week I'll start having three nights per week off, and will only have one day run for a total of five runs per week, but I will be back at school full time. I am looking forward to spring break since I will get a week off of work in addition to school, so I will be in California and Nevada for seven to nine days. If anyone who reads this wants me to swing by while I'm there then email me, and I will try to.
I really can't wait untill I become a millionaire so I don't have to work for someone else. I'll then be able to work for myself.
I won't bore you with my regular features since I'm tired, and I am not at home anyways, so goodnight.


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