Sunday, September 02, 2007

One boring weekend.

Well, I am on a three day weekend, but am extremely bored. I took one of my roomates to Minnesota right after work Friday night to visit her parents, and was pretty much ignored as soon as I got here. Saturday I had maybe a half hour of interaction with everyone (I kept track). I spent more time chatting with people online than with people here. They all stayed in the room, and I down here on the couch. It's pretty easy to see when you're not wanted.

Today I had maybe 5 minutes of interaction with everyone here. I got bored since all I had to do was read. Don't get me wrong, I like to read, but on a nice long weekend I would have liked to enjoy speaking with others and not being ignored. I did end up asking if anyone else wanted to go anywhere, and was promptly told no, so I left for almost 3 hours and ended up driving to North Dakota and South Dakota. When I got back I even told everyone I was back, but was ignored. One of the people here was even just inside when I came back in, and she didn't even glance up at me or so much as say hi. It was as if I did not exist, which has been the way it has been ever since I got here. I guess I learned my lesson.

I hope things get a little better this evening, but I doubt they will. I do plan on heading back to Indiana at 8:00 in the morning, which is 9:00 Eastern (the timezone I live in) since it is a 14 hour drive, and I do have to be back at work Tuesday morning at 7:30. I am not sure that I do this again unless I have somewhere else to go so I can drop my roomate off, then I can go somewhere else and enjoy myself. Coming here took most of the money I have, money that I could have caught up the rest of my bills with. I really thought it would be an enjoyable weekend, but I guess I was wrong.