Sunday, September 02, 2007

One boring weekend.

Well, I am on a three day weekend, but am extremely bored. I took one of my roomates to Minnesota right after work Friday night to visit her parents, and was pretty much ignored as soon as I got here. Saturday I had maybe a half hour of interaction with everyone (I kept track). I spent more time chatting with people online than with people here. They all stayed in the room, and I down here on the couch. It's pretty easy to see when you're not wanted.

Today I had maybe 5 minutes of interaction with everyone here. I got bored since all I had to do was read. Don't get me wrong, I like to read, but on a nice long weekend I would have liked to enjoy speaking with others and not being ignored. I did end up asking if anyone else wanted to go anywhere, and was promptly told no, so I left for almost 3 hours and ended up driving to North Dakota and South Dakota. When I got back I even told everyone I was back, but was ignored. One of the people here was even just inside when I came back in, and she didn't even glance up at me or so much as say hi. It was as if I did not exist, which has been the way it has been ever since I got here. I guess I learned my lesson.

I hope things get a little better this evening, but I doubt they will. I do plan on heading back to Indiana at 8:00 in the morning, which is 9:00 Eastern (the timezone I live in) since it is a 14 hour drive, and I do have to be back at work Tuesday morning at 7:30. I am not sure that I do this again unless I have somewhere else to go so I can drop my roomate off, then I can go somewhere else and enjoy myself. Coming here took most of the money I have, money that I could have caught up the rest of my bills with. I really thought it would be an enjoyable weekend, but I guess I was wrong.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yeah, it's kinda emo.

Well, it seems I am unlucky in love as always. It's been almost 3 years since I was on a date, and 3 years before that when I found out a girl I really liked (but never said anything ) really liked me the day I moved to Indiana from Nevada, then 5 years before that since I was on a date. Let's see, dated 2 girls and had another that liked me in the past 11 years. WTF is up with that. I asked a girl I knew why that is and she told me bluntly that part of it is my looks, but most of it is my personality. I guess that girls want the bad boy partier who club and bar hops, drinks, smokes, does drugs, and wants to sleep with them after the first week then treat them like crap. I was told I am too nice to be more than a friend, and that alot of what I do and how I act (I won't go into detail here, but none of what she said were things I thought to be bad things) is the reason I will never find a girl for me. I get damn sick and tired of being alone in a crowd, and and damn sick and tired of others griping about not being able to find someone when they have been without someone for a month or two. Try alone for years. As a teenager I only dated a couple girls since invariably I would get rejected if I asked a girl out. Mostly I would get the what makes you think I would date someone like you bit. Is it bad I can count the girls who I have dated on one hand? On one freakin' hand?!?! Yeah, I know this is one hell of a way to pick back up after so long not posting.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Long vacation.

Wow, I just got back from a very long vacation. I went on my first paid vacation in over 3 years to Nevada and California, and while there my boss called me and fired me, so I stayed for over a month and a half. I had alot of fun, and took alot of pictures which I am slowly posting at so go there and check them, and the rest of the site out. I spent some time in Pahrump NV, Carlsbad CA, Grover Beach CA, a couple places in the bay area, and Redding CA. I drove the whole way back with less than a 2 hour break too. I'm tired, so I'll go to bed now.

Monday, November 21, 2005

I have been up too long. Again.

Hello all, I know it's been a while since I have posted here, but with work and school and everything else I get busy sometimes. Since the last time I posted I had a cart full of newspapers fall on my leg at work. That hurt alot. I have been to the doctor 3 times with it so far, and have had prescriptions, x-rays, a cortizone shot right in my knee (those suck), and am supposed to have an MRI done of my knee. A thousand pounds of newspapers in a metal cart will do that to you.

I had a weird Halloween, but I did win a total of 70 dollars, free food, and a free professional haircut because of my costume. Now it's getting time for thanksgiving. From the weather forecast it looks as if we may have a white Thanksgiving. I sure hope we don't. I am going to be heading to a friends house for Thanksgiving, and it's a 75 mile drive to get there. Unfortunately I also have to work that night. Of course I have to work Christmas eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's day too, and all of these at my regular rate of pay. Such is life in the Newspaper business. At least I am not a carrier. They really get shafted from what I hear.

My cat has doubled in size since I rescued her. That is not suprising since she eats like a horse. I have never seen a cat who eats more than mine does. She also has this bad habit of trying to trip you up when you walk around. Ohh well, at least she likes me.

Well, I think it is time to get to bed. I am really tired after pulling an all nighter. I'll try to post more often here, but I can't say if I actually will be able to. Have a great day, and don't forget to visit my site and sign the guestbook. It's Scotty's Everything Spot

Monday, September 05, 2005

Got a new kitty

I work as a driver for the Indy Star, and so I have a few places I have to drop newspapers off at. Last night when I was at my first drop I heard some loud meows, but did not know where they were coming from, so I went inside and dropped off the newspapers for that location (all 4600+ of them). When I got back outside and was about to get into the truck I heard it even louder, so I tried to find whatever cat was doing it.

I found the cat that was making all the noise by the dumpster. It looked like it was a stray, so I called to it. It came to me and I picked it up and asked if any of the cariers owned it, and one said that none of them owned, so if I wanted it I could keep it, so I did. it rode in the truck with me for the rest of the route and did not freak out like cats usually do in a moving vehicle. I did stop snd get some beef jerky to feed it right away since it was hungry, and after eating that it curled up on my lap while I was driving.

When I got home I took it inside and introduced it to the other cat. She is a bit jealous, but she will get over it. The cat (it's really a kitten, probably less than 3 months old) is very friendly. It is a medium gray with light gray stripes. If I can't find her a home I will get her fixed and all of her shots, then I will keep her. If I keep her I will probably name her Kritter, but I am open to suggestions. I don't know what it is, but a friendly cat brings a smile to my face every time.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Back to school

Today is the first day of school for this semester. Ohh boy, what fun. I did have a fairly busy summer this year. I had surgery, then recovery from surgery, and through it all I have been busy trying to fight with the place I got my home. Can you believe even though I put up my land and money in mid March, and closed the deal on April 1st (what an April fools day for me) I still don't have a driveway yet? I will tell anyone who will listen NOT to go to Baird's Homes in Seymour IN. It took them until late June to even get the place liveable.

Back to school so far has been going pretty smoothly for me. I am seeing people I have not seen through the summer, renewing old acquaintances, and getting to see the new building at my school. I have a good feeling about this semester. It would go better if they could fix the parking, but I guess I need the exercise. If I could get a personal parking spot near the building that would be great. At least I don't have to pay for parking this year.

Well, I need to get to my next class. I really do plan on trying to get updated more.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

What a week.

I have had a busy, painful, and in some ways downright strange past week. First off last Tuesday I had a run in with the company I bought my place from. Even though I put my deed to my land and a thousand dollars up as a down payment in mid March, bought a years worth of homeowners insurance on it April first anf closed the deal that day as well, and not only have made my first payment, but am going to have to make my second payment this week I am still not in my place. I didn't think there could be that many things wrong with a home. It came down to threatening legal action on Tuesday if something was not done soon. Tomorrow they are supposed to finish everything except the driveway and airconditioning hook up.

Next I had hernia surgery on Wednesday. I still hurt. They made a 2 inch and a 6 inch cut on me since I had 2 hernias. I was given vicodin for pain. I hate the way those make me feel. For anyone who has had surgery like that I know what you went through. I also know it really sucks.

Later on it the week my car decided to mess up on me. Not that I am allowed to drive yet, but when it messed up my sister was driving. I had someone over to fix it today. Hopefully it will be 100% fixed tomorrow. That air conditioning is necessary in this hot weather. Especially since it is a black car and has leather seats.

My town was also under a tornado warning for about an hour yesterday evening because of the remnants of tropical storm Arlene. Those people from the south should keep their crappy weather since we have enough of it already in Indiana. It ruined the cookout that some friends and family had planned for us. Ohh well, we were able to have it tonight.

I guess this is enough for right now, so I will get going. I hope to get to posting here a bit more regularly. Goodnight all. Have a blessed night or day wherever you are.

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